Friday, December 14, 2007


Yeah well our heads are really spinning at the moment. We cannot believe it is Christmas in just over a week and we are in shorts. All fundamentally wrong!!! However I feel for my mates back in the UK.

Not just the weather though. Seems like the government have shafted the Police again by regaining on the annual pay deal. I pity the poor sods you know. The again, they are part of the population that voted them in too. Whilst I do not condone the governmanet, I hope the Forces actually do something other than moan. Make a change for Poms to be a little proactive.

Anyway enough of that eh?

just been reading my mate Cakey's blog (, all good stuff!

We are still experiencing lts of challenges, however it keeps our hearts and minds fixed upon the author and perfector of our faith, Jesus Christ. We doubt we would have got as far in life if we didn't have his strength to be honest.

On the coffee front, just going to be roasting some Herbazu up and still trying to temp Sara with both a new grinder and isn't working!

Ellen received an excellence award lat week from school and is doing really well at swimming.

Enough rambles.....

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Hey Breako :)

Liking the blog. Oh and btw, think you mean not .com ;)