Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's like a Loaded gun.....but worse!

Well I thought of a catchy title but no content to come anywhere near it! About time for an update from us lot to you lot I suppose.

So I last post in January and it is now April. So what has happened? Well Lots really, the question is where do I start?

Well most importantly I will start with the Spiritual Side. As many of you know, we are committed Christians and have been for many years (Even with a few hiccups). We found ourselves in a position of really having to trust God for everything and I mean everything. It is not every day when you find you have NO food and no way of buying any. The questions is this 'Do you beleive God or not'.

He really stretched out faith in him and it was a really tough time, both spiritually and mentally. When you have anonymous food parcels arrive, money and the like you begin to realise just what a great God he is. The most important thing is that in our lives Jesus was glorified and lifted up.

Our faith deepened and has really matured. It has proved a blessing to be able to share our experience with others to encourasge them with the reality of Gods love.

The question for you is:


I havenow returned to full duties, thankfully after a stint in the office I was glad to get back to proper police work.

Sara is now working from home in child care. this gets a biot mad at times with upto 4 kids running around.

Coffee wise? Well I am getting to taste some great Coffees from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Kenya, Colombia, Yemen etc. Still getting used to this:

But it is pulling some great shots, but is really sensitive to grind, dose and tamp. Not quite the brute Oscar was!

Roasting is proving tiresome. I really have to time it right during the day in regards to Electrical output. If I roast during peak times, forget it. The optimum time for me is 1300 hrs during the week!

God bless y'all.

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