Tuesday, December 25, 2007

No more ranting...honest Guv!

Well 'tis the end of Boxing Day and our first Kiwi CHristmas experience. And what an experience it was. What really struck me was just how much more laid back it was here. You know, back in the UK people stress about the dinner and who sits where and then the inevitable family politics...well what I found this year was a relaxed, informal affair. First it was church for 45 mins which was nice as we sung some traditional songs. Very relaxed and the gospel was preached. I did notice a lot of new/visitors there. Hopefully the message gets through.

It was then off to the cuzzies. Again very informal and relaxed with our new extended family here. Lovely buffet food and a roast. The kids enjoyed a dip in the pool and then it was home in the late afternoon. Chilled out for a bit and got things ready for todays BBQ.

Boxing Day was great as we invited freinds and family around toshare some food. We were overflowing with Pavlovas for sure! I broke my Kiwi BBQ cherry on my $50 bargin and was complemented on my new found skills!

Saying that I did learn not to pick up Bamboo skewers whilst they are on fire.....OUCH!

Yeas there were less presents, but the fun we have had with family really compensated for any material loss!!!!

All in all I doubt very much I will need to put on the Ba Humbug hat on again as I have found it so much more enjoyable this year.

Hopefully I will hear about my back Op too in the near future.

HAppy 2008!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ticked off....

And rightly so...

Firstly it is CHristmas. I am a Bah Humbug at heart and have spent many years cultivating this trait in my chracter. But these days, the boss says that I ma not allowed to be a Scrooge and I MUST enjoy myself.

So why do I feel like this at this time of year? Well to be completly Politically Incorrect and inflammatory...why the heck do non christians insist on celebrating a christian festival? Does the avergae Joe Bloggs celebrate Ramadan or Hanukka? No, of course not.

"Hey lets jump on this band wagon and use it as an excuse to get pissed!"

That is why I am ticked off at Christmas!

The advert reverberating on TV is from the Warehouse and calls it the silly season. Well I don't think that there is anything silly about about God giving his only Son as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. Nor do I think it is silly to gather with other christians to celebrate the New Life we have in Christ.

I do think it is silly to get drunk at CHristmas, to be a glutton and to get into debt just to save face. I do resent buying presents for people who generally do not get Christmas. I resent seeing all manner of "Seasonal Sales".

This is why I am a Bah Humbug!

What I do love though is sharing with my family the true meaning of Christmas and sharing presents which reminds us of the presents the Wise Men brought the infant Jesus. I enjoy sining Gods praise in Church on Christmas morning.


Didn't the Medieaval church take over december 25th from Pagans? Wasn't it originally a Pagan Festival? Hmmm, then pagans could equally say the same as what I have said, but put it back onto Christians?

Whay do we need to celebrate Christs Birth only once a year? It should be a Year round, life long celebration of his birth death and ressurection!

Ah well, who am I to moan?

Bah Humbug!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Here's a video of our Christmas preperations...Kids were really enjoying it and it all felt a bit odd. Thankfully this was all fuelled by some Injerto coffee. This is simply one of my favourite coffees ever. Full bodied, choclate tones with a nicebright fruit finish that lingers. With milk it goes into Stratospheric proportions...it seemed to add a creamy buttery ness to a cappacino and a real nutty flavour...stunning!

Friday, December 14, 2007

I seem to have wiped my last post which was quite deep. bugger!

Still it could be worse. I could be freezing cold sat in a samll dumpy Ford Focus on Patrol, or I could be sunning myself sipping luxury homemade hot choclate...you choose!

Just another stunning sunset....


Yeah well our heads are really spinning at the moment. We cannot believe it is Christmas in just over a week and we are in shorts. All fundamentally wrong!!! However I feel for my mates back in the UK.

Not just the weather though. Seems like the government have shafted the Police again by regaining on the annual pay deal. I pity the poor sods you know. The again, they are part of the population that voted them in too. Whilst I do not condone the governmanet, I hope the Forces actually do something other than moan. Make a change for Poms to be a little proactive.

Anyway enough of that eh?

just been reading my mate Cakey's blog (www.cakeboy.com), all good stuff!

We are still experiencing lts of challenges, however it keeps our hearts and minds fixed upon the author and perfector of our faith, Jesus Christ. We doubt we would have got as far in life if we didn't have his strength to be honest.

On the coffee front, just going to be roasting some Herbazu up and still trying to temp Sara with both a new grinder and roaster...it isn't working!

Ellen received an excellence award lat week from school and is doing really well at swimming.

Enough rambles.....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oh and here are the Davis Clan at the falls.....

Time flies and we have been here in Hmailton for wht, seven months now. Thankfully the weather is on the up and we can look forward to some great trips out. Not that the rain ever stops us anyway.

Realistically, there are good days and bad days. We miss things about the UK, who wouldn't, it was home for a long time. But now this is our home and we really do love it here.

Thankfully, slao, the good days far outweigh the bad by a long shot.

Seeing the kids happy too makes all the other "hassle" (Mortgage etc) worth it!!!

Here are some pics from around the Waikato in NZ. We have been out and about to Bridal Veil Falls near to Raglan. Stunning Falls for sure!

55 metres straight down....

The next is of a Fern Fond and the spiral is pretty much a national symbol here.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

First post on our family Blog...we might even update it every week. More of a chance for you guys to see our photos and read our news and goings on in NZ. Don't expect any philosophical debate or loads of humour...just day to day life from us lot.