Wednesday, July 2, 2008

For the Love of.....

....Just seemed like a catchy title I guess ;)

Life flies by sometimes and you can easily wonder where it has all gone. Here we are in the middle of Winter, looking back at 15 month in NZ. Man it has flown by so fast. You know, this gets me thinking, how often do we just let it all fly past without taking in what is really going on around us?

A lot of people I come across at work are mainly concerned with booze and beating the wife up and more than likly will never leave the backwater twon of Huntly. Their life is for all intents and purposes a meaningless endevour on a road to no where.

Every human being, no matter where they are born or what circumstances they are born into has the unique oppourtunity to make the most of life, yet how many of us really, really sieze upon it?

All too often lifes 'victims' complain that it is always somebody elses fault that they are in debt or haven't any material things. These 'Victims' are generally claiming the benefit which the rest of us pays for. They are short sighted and refuse to believe that they are the answer to their own issues.

Is there and answer? I doubt it as you cannot change the way a person thisnks or acts. Naturally it is easier to be a victim than a proactive person, but I wonder; when they are facing death how will they consider their legacy? How will you consider yours? The same goes for me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Im Inspired again.

Anonymous said...

Gomen kudasai.