Tuesday, December 25, 2007

No more ranting...honest Guv!

Well 'tis the end of Boxing Day and our first Kiwi CHristmas experience. And what an experience it was. What really struck me was just how much more laid back it was here. You know, back in the UK people stress about the dinner and who sits where and then the inevitable family politics...well what I found this year was a relaxed, informal affair. First it was church for 45 mins which was nice as we sung some traditional songs. Very relaxed and the gospel was preached. I did notice a lot of new/visitors there. Hopefully the message gets through.

It was then off to the cuzzies. Again very informal and relaxed with our new extended family here. Lovely buffet food and a roast. The kids enjoyed a dip in the pool and then it was home in the late afternoon. Chilled out for a bit and got things ready for todays BBQ.

Boxing Day was great as we invited freinds and family around toshare some food. We were overflowing with Pavlovas for sure! I broke my Kiwi BBQ cherry on my $50 bargin and was complemented on my new found skills!

Saying that I did learn not to pick up Bamboo skewers whilst they are on fire.....OUCH!

Yeas there were less presents, but the fun we have had with family really compensated for any material loss!!!!

All in all I doubt very much I will need to put on the Ba Humbug hat on again as I have found it so much more enjoyable this year.

Hopefully I will hear about my back Op too in the near future.

HAppy 2008!

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